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Training and Coaching

Applying the directives and standards is not easy. The text is written in a legal way and is not easy to read and understand.
Looking at the machinery directive which contains 63 pages, the guys from Brussels need 406 pages to explain what they mean with
the machinery directive.
And still a lot of engineers and manufacturers have problems applying the machinery directive to get
"the presumption of conformity".
It is very good to use the standards, a lot of technical people has put effort in creating them.

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Just for the good order:

Regulations and Directives are the law.

Harmonized standards can be used to get "the presumption of conformity"

During the training the machinery directive and the standards will be explained.
After the course with or whit out the support of a coach you are able to ce mark your machinery,
write a declaration of conformity for a machinery.
For a partly completed machinery you can create a declaration of incorporation.
We are happy, based on your needs, to make an offer for you.
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