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Eco design

One of the directives which is also applicable for machinery is the Eco design directive 2012/27/EU, which
also changes the directive 2009/125/EG ecologic design for energy related products and
the directive 2010/30/EU mentioning the energy consumption.

The basic requirement of this directive for engineers/manufacturers of energy related products is;
Use energy as efficient as possible using energy related products.
On the energy related product you have to put information about the amount of energy it is using.
These requirements are not only for the development of the energy related products but for the whole life time of these products.

Definition from the energy efficiency directive 2010/30/EU

"energy-related product",

"energy-related product" or "product" means any good having an impact on energy consumption during use, which is
placed on the market and/or put into service in the Union, including parts intended to be incorporated into
energy-related products covered by this Directive which are placed on the market and/or put into service as individual
parts for end-users and of which the environmental performance can be assessed independently;

This means the designer/manufacturer has to observe the energy consumption of the machinery during the whole life time.
Possibly the measures to reduce energy consumption will result in a price increase for the machinery.
Looking at the total costs for buying and using the machinery during its whole life, the higher buying price can contribute
significantly in lower energy costs. This means the overall costs are lower.
In this case we have a win / win situation. The total amount of used energy is lower and the total costs are lower.
In this moment we are working on a book about the efficient use of energy in machinery. In this book you will find a lot of tips
and ideas how you can reduce the energy consumption with a minimum of investment and a maximum result.
As soon the book is ready, you will find information on this site about how and where you buy the book.

"Energy efficient designing machinery"